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Stock Study Session
Brian Altschul, Moderator
April 23, 2022

This stock study session studied BorgWarner Inc (BWA) and Visa Inc (V). It was suggested that attendees complete SSGs on these two stocks and participate in the dialogue. 

Finding Hidden Gems
Dan Harter, Dori Raser, and Barry Detloff, March 30, 2022

People can go a lifetime looking for diamonds or precious jewels but never find them. In this
session you will be handed hidden gems. Our three instructors: Barry Detloff, Dan Harter,
and Dori Raser will focus their presentations on hidden gems from BI methodology as well as
other methodologies that can help improve your portfolio’s performance. We will show you
where to find gems and how to use them to improve your stock studies and portfolio's

Gee! I Wish I Had Noticed That!
Brian Altschul, March 31, 2021

When we study a company there are often warning signs hinting at potential issues.  These signs
can help reduce the risk of judgment errors about the company.  We often miss these red flags because
we are not sure what to look for.

Why the Tortoise Sometimes Wins
Avi Horwitz, June 29, 2020

What do we look for in a stock? Find out in this webinar.