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Model Club Recordings

The Northwest Buckeye Chapter is operating a model stock investment club.  Our meetings are online on the second Tuesday of every month from 7:00 -8:30 PM Eastern. Join the meeting at . Visitors attend free.  Please see our local events for individual meeting information.

We are a fully operating investment club using real money to purchase and sell stocks.  We are long term investors and use a fundamental analysis methodology to identify publicly traded companies that grow their revenues and earnings per share at a reasonable rate.  We believe well managed companies with a modest debt and sustainable growth rates should produce favorable investment returns.

We encourage visitors to our meetings which are open for observation by anyone interested in stock investing at any experience level. Time will be extended at the end of the meeting to answer visitor questions. anyone can visit as often as they wish. Those interested in joining our club need to visit three meetings before becoming eligible to join. 

From our beginning, BetterInvesting has used model stock investment clubs as a vehicle for demonstrating our common-sense investing principles and sound club management in a “live” setting, thus providing real-time learning for investment clubs, individual members, and prospective members.
Our Partnership Agreement and Operating Procedures.

As part of our educational programs, model clubs conduct formal meetings in a public setting so guest attendees can experience an actual stock investment club meeting. A model stock investing club’s primary role is to be the “learning lab” for attendees to study both BetterInvesting principles of fundamental stock investing using the Stock Selection Guidetm (SSGtm) and club operations management. This better enables club members and visitors to begin applying these principles and practices to their own investment clubs and/or personal investments.  Visitors are welcome to join in the discussions, but may not participate in the decision-making activities of the club. 

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Please also check our Visit-A-Club page for a list of other clubs that are open to visitors.

Model Club Recordings

Recordings are listed in decending date order

Northwest Ohio Model Club, Novembeer 14, 2023
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This meeting featured a presentation on Simpson Manufacturing SSD

Northwest Ohio Model Club October 10, 2023
The meeting included a presentation on Fox Factory Holdings, a review the Stock Comparison Guide (SCG) and a short discussion on reinvesting dividends.
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