The St. Louis Chapter of BetterInvesting is looking for help making our chapter the best it can be. Our goal is to provide investment education and support to BetterInvesting investment clubs, members and non-members in the St Louis Region.

What We Do
  • We hold Model Investment Club meetings on the second Monday of every month. This is a functioning club which serves as a model for local investment clubs. Each month they have a business meeting, an educational presentation and a stock study using BetterInvesting principles.
  • Let’s Talk Stocks, held four or five times a year, is a roundtable discussion of stocks deemed worthy of further study. Chapter directors make presentations and attendees are encouraged to bring up ideas of stocks they may be interested in.
  • We teach both virtual and in-person classes on investing, the stock selection guide and related investment resources such as Value Line.
  • We have an in-person annual meeting with an education program.
  • We visit investment clubs to present anniversary certificates, provide support, answer questions and update members on BetterInvesting news and events.
  • We offer Classes To Go on a variety of topics which can be presented at investment club meetings for a fee.
  • We co-sponsor educational webinars with other BetterInvesting organizations or chapters.
How You Can Help

All of our activities are done by volunteers, and we are always looking for additional help.  We are looking for people with experience/interest in

  • Marketing
  • Communications – social media, email, postcards
  • Teaching – class presenters, class assistants for hands-on classes, PowerPoint creator
  • Finance – sources of revenue
  • Web page administration
  • Communicating with new members
  • Organizational details – plan and staff events, organize refreshments, find and book facilities
  • Be a member of BetterInvesting
  • Have a basic understanding of BetterInvesting principles
  • Be dedicated to helping others
  • Participate in chapter endeavors
  • Attend one online meeting a month on the third Monday
Benefits of Volunteering

We have fun doing what we do and enjoy each other’s company at our meetings. Through your volunteering you will

  • meet people interested in investing
  • learn the BetterInvesting methods in detail
  • grow in your personal investing knowledge
  • service the needs of the BetterInvesting community
  • enjoy several benefits offered to volunteers by BetterInvesting
Join Our Team

If you have enjoyed our events or services, please consider volunteering to help us keep them going into the future. Whether you have a few hours now and then or can make a longer commitment, you can be of enormous help.

If this is something that you think you'd enjoy doing, email Fred Tonnies at