General Contact Information

The West Texas Chapter is a group of dedicated volunteers who provide education and support services to BetterInvesting  members and clubs in West Texas. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us using the Chapter Contact Information below. 

Chapter Officers

  • Mark Mechenbier, President 

  • Nancy Bethea, 1st Vice President 

  • Kaye Short, 2nd Vice President (Education) 

  • Larry Dennis, Secretary 

  • Richard Mills, Treasurer 

  • Jean Howze, Assistant Treasurer

Primary Contacts

Chapter Volunteers

Nancy Bethea, Director

Joshua Clark, Director

Larry Dennis, Director

Joyce Diane Gillit, Director

Deborah Havenor, Director

Avi-Westtexas Horwitz, Director

Jean Howze, Director

Mark Mechenbier, Director

Richard Mills, Director

Charlotte Reese, Director

Kaye Short, Director

Carla Tull, Director