What are the BIXX and BIXR indices?

The BetterInvesting 100 is comprised of the 100 companies whose stock is most widely held by NAIC/BetterInvesting members. Every April, BetterInvesting Magazine highlights the top 100 stocks held in investment club portfolios as of the close of the previous calendar year. This list is the basis of the BetterInvesting 100 Index (BIXX) as well as the BetterInvesting 100 Total Return Index (BIXR).

BIXX and BIXR are both based on the identical list of 100 stocks, with the difference being BIXR represents total return. As defined by Investopedia, “A total return index computes the index value based on capital gains plus cash payments such as dividends and interest.”

Aligning with BetterInvesting principle #2 (Reinvest all dividends and earnings to leverage compounding.) coupled with the fact that dividend payouts can provide a substantial portion of a stock’s total return, the organization focuses primarily on BIXR, the BetterInvesting 100 Total Return Index.

Independent firm Solactive, an international provider of financial indices, maintains and tracks the data for both BIXX and BIXR. View the BetterInvesting 100 Total Return Index (BIXR) at:



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