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First, I'd like to introduce you to BetterInvesting: a unique organization that has helped over five million individual investors meet their financial goals. Founded over 60 years ago, BetterInvesting is a community, where people like you share their experiences and knowledge to become better, more informed investors. We are a non-profit organization, so you’ll find our resources and products offer you remarkable value at very low cost. We are volunteer-based, with investors just like you contributing experience and insight to the organization. We are member-driven, meaning that all the tools and resources we provide are tailored to the needs of individual investors just like you. BetterInvesting charges no commissions because we don’t sell or recommend any stocks or mutual funds. We do, however, provide a wealth of resources to guide and assist you on your path to greater financial security. 

Resources: National Website:, National Magazine, online courses and local educational events and workshops.

Channel Islands Chapter serves Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, parts of Los Angeles County and San Luis Obispo County

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Chapter Members: We come from all walks of life: accountant, engineer, educator, project manager, small business owner. Memberships range from less than one year to 38 years.

We believe in the 4 BI premises:

  • Invest regularly
  • Re-invest all dividends and earnings
  • Choose growth companies growing faster than the economy
  • Diversify across industries

Our Model Club (MICCI)

Membership in MICCI
  • Every member must be active in the Channel Islands Chapter
  • Every member must contribute at the majority of meetings held each year
  • Every member will present a stock study at least once each year and be prepared to report on the stocks assigned each month
  • Every member must contribute at least $25 - $30 per month towards the investment portfolio
  • Basic NAIC/BetterInvesting Guidelines are upheld

At MICCI we always do a stock study using the Stock Selection Guide (SSG) before buying or selling, and at the annual review each August.
  • The Channel Islands Chapter equipment (screen, projector and computer) are used at each meeting as a teaching and communication tool.
  • Guests are welcome to see how a real club operates, with the exception of the annual review meeting
  • When making any major changes, buy, sell or other major decisions, the president will conduct a secret ballot. A count of "voting on percent held" in their club may be requested by any member in good standing. A quorum must be present for a vote to be legal. 
  • Suggested strategies for investing, bylaws and standing rules are in place at all times, and reviewed and changed when needed.
  • Each year, an IRS and state income tax filing is performed and each member receives a K-1 form designating their share during the year of deductions, income and other government by law requirements
  • MICCI maintains a brokerage account to trade securities, which reside there.
  • Members can access the records of their club 24/7, including reports, trades, posting and history, with an online club accounting feature.
Note: Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our club has been meeting online while using the myICLUB© website as a base. We still adhere to all of the above listed guidelines and rules, and we post our stock studies each month for all to see. We have found new uses for tools that are constantly updated and improved. While meeting online has its values, it will never substitute for the in-person meetings we have been accustomed to.

Latest Activity, 2019-2020

A Memorial Fund has been established to honor JEANETTE CASSERLY, our longtime hostess and registrar, and recipient of the O'Hara National Award for valued service to our members for the long haul. Jeanette passed away in 2019. We deeply miss her, but through our new memorial fund we will be able to continue to honor her memory, as well as partially fund new aspiring investors through sponsorship and membership in our club.

In addition, we have secured a funding for a second award to honor our MICCI treasurer Willie Smith, whose husband passed in 2020. 

To apply for the Memorial Fund Investor Opportunity Grant, please click on the links below. You may also find the information at, under the heading News and Articles.
Applications are due by the end of September of each year. Awards will be made in October of the same year.  The files below contain a complete list of requirements and a description of the award.

2020 CIC Memorial Fund 
Top Tips For Being a Good Mentee

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