What do volunteers do?
Help plan and  carry out our education programs through meetings, club visits and webinars
Serve as officers of the Chapter Board of Directors: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
Keep our web page current
Manage our Meetup link
Write and distribute newsletters
Attend nine Board meetings a year

A volunteer:
Enjoys working as a team
Enjoys helping others learn
Values investing as a life-long learning experience
May prefer public or less visible roles

We will:
Mentor new volunteers
Help you develop new skills

Helpful skillls:
Comfortable with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel
Experience on other volunteer boards of directors
Marketing and social media
Finding/booking facilities for presentations, checking facility rules and equipment
Familiar with basics of the Stock  Selection Guide

Learn as you serve the chapter and your community
Discounts on BetterInvesting membership, software and annual convention

Interested?  We hope so!
Please send an email to Vicky Powell at contact@silicon.betterinvesting.net