Model Investment Club

You are welcome to attend our online Model Investment Club meetings. The Club's purpose is to demonstrate how to run an investment club using BetterInvesting principles and stock evaluation software, as well as ICLUBcentral accounting software. 

This is a working club.  Members pool funds to make investments.  We track the portfolio's performance and make buy, hold and sell decisions together.  Members report their shares of club gains or losses on their individual tax returns each year.  

The club meets online on the 1st and 3rd Mondays, except for some holidays, at 7:00 pm PT.  First Mondays, which we call our Stock Discussion Group, are more informal and shorter.  During the formal 3rd Monday meetings, we review our portfolio, conduct administrative business and decide on portfolio changes, if any.  You will find our meeting calendar under Local Events, and you may also find us on Meetup

Questions?  Contact Marion at