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Online Education Archive

Fall 2023  California Chapters Annual Event
Round 1: Using Online Tools to Make You a Better Investor - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 1: Using Online Tools  Recording
Round 1: Contact Information: Presenters + Sponsor
SSG Guidelines for Beginners
Features Comparison - CoreSSG v. SSGPlus
90-Day Free CoreSSG Digital Trial Membership

Round 2: VISA (V) Is it a Stock for You? - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 2: VISA (V) - Is It a Stock for You? - Recording
Round 2: VISA - Compare Judgments and Results
Round 2: Contact Information: Presenters +  Sponsor

Round 3: Value Line Research Tools Hiding in Plain Sight - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 3: Value Line Help
Round 3: Secrets to Finding Small and Medium Sized Stocks - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 3: Improve Your Returns Using Portfolio Management - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 3: Portfolio Management  Resources in BetterInvesting - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 3: Contact Information: Presenters + Sponsor
Round 3: Recording

Getting Started as a Young Investor - 4 slides/page
Getting Started as a Young Investor - 2 slides/page

2022 Club Tax Filing - New Rules
New Rules - 2 ppt slides/ppt page
New Rules Recording

Presentations at the San Jose Public Library
Investing Basics: Introduction to Investing - 2 slides/page
Investing Basics: Free Library Resources - 2 slides/page
Investing Basics: Getting Started with Stocks and Funds - 2 slides/page
Investing Basics: How to Start an Investment Club - 2 slides/page

Introducing FINRA - 4 slides/ppt page

Investing Basics at Sunnyvale Library
1 - Introduction to Investing
2 - Library Resources: Morningstar and Value Line
3 - Two Local Non-Profits for Investor Ed: AAII and BI
4 - What Makes a Good Investment Club CheckList

Do You Fear the Market - Think Long Term
Finding Winning Stocks
Stock  Research - Small and Medium-Size Companies
Owning a Moat Can Help Your Portfolio
Time for Questions  - Covid 19
Portfolio Analysis Plus with myICLUB Reports
Is Your Brain Sabotaging Your Investments?