Are you interested in helping the Northern Lights Chapter grow and thrive?  Are you interested in learning new skills or honing those you already have?  We are always on the lookout for volunteers interested in helping at events, joining the board, teaching, and other areas.  We welcome your support!  

For additional details, please feel free to contact us at contact@northernlights.betterinvesting.net 

Benefits of Volunteering:
     The real benefit of volunteering will be in the people that you meet and the connections you foster.  As a volunteering member of your chapter, you will be able to choose a position that interests you. For example, as a web designer,  a marketing/social media expert, a class instructor, or you may wish to present your favorite topics to the chapter. There is something for everyone, and the amount of time you invest is up to the individual.  And don't forget the cost savings...

Savings for volunteers: 
  • Receive a discounted annual membership when renewing.
  • Discounted registration for the BINC.
  • Various ICLUB products( SmallCapInformer, Investor Advisory Service, etc...)  are discounted
    To find out more about the volunteering program, visit the link below:
          Volunteer Resources
          Chapter Operations: Volunteers


What is a “Volunteer?”
  • A BetterInvesting member who wishes to contribute to the chapter.  A volunteer may be invited to become an Associate Director on the Chapter Board or, after service for the prescribed “apprenticeship period,” be eligible to be voted in as a director.

What is an “Associate Director?”
  •  A volunteer that wants to be involved in the leadership and management of the Chapter.  It is a prerequisite to being nominated for election as a full Director. It can be considered to be a training ground prior to election to full Director to determine if the candidate fully understands and accepts the duties and responsibilities of a full Director. The Associate Director position affords the Chapter Board the opportunity to work with and observe the candidate for a period of at least one year to see if the person is compatible with the Chapter Board and its purpose.
Who can be a Director? 
  • Any Northern Lights Chapter member may be elected to be a Director after service as an Associate Director.  A prospective Director must first have satisfactorily served as either a Volunteer or an Associate Director for a minimum of one year.
What benefits, if any, are there to serving as a volunteer, Associate Director or, Director?
  • Volunteers, Associate Directors, and full Directors receive deep discounts on BetterInvesting membership fees, online tools, classes, and the BetterInvesting National Convention.
We are currently seeking volunteers interested in:
  • Marketing
  • Social Media