Who We Are and Where We Serve
We are composed of volunteers dedicated to providing investment education to BetterInvesting investment clubs, members and non-members.
Our members and clubs are located in Southern Oregon, West Central Oregon, and the greater metropolitan Portland area including Southwestern Washington. 

Mission & Goals
Our Mission is to provide a program of sound investment information, education and support that helps create knowledgeable and successful lifetime investors.
Our Goals are to help investors build their wealth through good investing principles and a fundamental approach to investing.

Education Overview
Each of the left navigation tabs explain our educational opportunities. We are very proud of our model club and class offerings. Visit all the tabs on the left for complete information or send an email to  contact@portland.betterinvesting.net

News Flash! 
See the Rules & Entry Forms for our new 2023/2024 BetterInvesting Fantasy Portfolio Contest for Portland Chapter Clubs!

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