General Contact Information

The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who provide education and support services to BetterInvesting members and clubs in the San Francisco Bay area. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us using the Chapter Contact Information below.

Requesting a club visit by a Director - contact Joanne Willcox: 415-456-7656 or email

Visit-A-Club & Club Contact - contact Vivian Thomas: 510-482-5863 or email

Events - contact Joanne Willcox: 415-456-7656 or email

Primary Contacts

General Contact

Craig Braemer, President/Chair

Chapter Volunteers

Harriet Chan, Director

Ann Dexheimer, Director

Juliet Digiovanni, Director

Henry Gold, Director

Jacquelyn Harbert, Director

Kweli Lewis

Carolyn Louie, Director

Vivian Thomas, Director

Rebecca Tong, Director

James Willcox, Director

Joanne Willcox, Director