Model Investment Club

Purpose:  Our Club was formed in 2011 with education as our primary purpose. We are committed to
making every meeting a learning experience.  We educate by operating the club in a public forum open
to observation by those who wish to learn how to invest and how to best operate a successful investment
club including buying, selling and monitoring stocks. In doing this we follow the methods and principles
of the non-profit organization BetterInvesting (BI): invest regularly; reinvest dividends and profits; invest
in quality growth companies at reasonable prices and diversify the holdings.
Our members contribute $25-$100 per month which is invested in stocks chosen by majority vote after
research and discussion.  As a partner in the club you share in the profits/losses and expenses (Club BI membership and accounting software) and receive an annual K-1 form for income tax purposes.
Guests:  We encourage visitors to our meetings which are open for observation by anyone interested in
investing at any experience level. One can visit as often as they wish. Those interested in joining our club
need to visit three meetings before becoming eligible to join.
When and Where:  We typically meet from 5:45 pm to 7:45 pm online via Go-To-Meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Our schedule and instructions on how to attend are available on the local events page.