The South Florida Chapter of BetterInvesting serves the Southeast Florida area from Fort Pierce on the north to Key West on the south, and the west coast cities: Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, and Naples.  The South Florida Chapter of BetterInvesting provides investment education support, stock study classes, and monthly and annual programs.  All events are open to the BI community and to nonmembers.  Snowbirds fleeing the harsh winters of northern cities for the sunny south Florida weather are welcome to all events.
The Chapter offers to BI members and the public:

  • Monthly Computer-Aided Stock Analysis (CASA) classes using the Stock Selection Guide (SSG) to analyze the “Stock to Study” from the monthly BI magazine of the meeting.  Topics of interest to all investor levels are also included in each class.
  • Monthly Model Investment Club meetings are held online and welcome guests.  These meetings offer refresher and reinforcement opportunities by viewing the operation of an investment club using BI tools and methodology. 
  • Annually, the Chapter offers four online classes for beginners in the fall season.   The class is designed for novice investors interested in the BI methodology.
  • The Portfolio Competition begins on January 1st for the previous year of investing and ends on January 31st.  Registered BI clubs’ portfolios are professionally reviewed and winners announced at a seminar in the month of February.   All are invited to attend the seminar.
  • An Investment Education Day is held in the spring season with many investment education activities, speakers, and presentations.  There are presenters and publicly-traded companies delivering “real time” information with Q & A opportunities, and much more.

Currently all of our events and classes are being held online due to COVID-19 mandates.  When mandates are lifted, monthly events will be held at Nova Southeastern University Alvin Sherman Library and other events at south Fort Lauderdale area locations.

The South Florida Chapter is made up of local volunteers. Our primary goal is to provide quality investment education for BI clubs, individual BI members, and to nonmembers in the South Florida area.  We do this by focusing on BetterInvesting's methodology which includes these 4 principles:

  1. Invest a set amount of money regularly
  2. Reinvest all earnings
  3. Buy stock in high-quality growth companies
  4. Diversify your portfolio

We can assist in the formation of new clubs, assist established clubs, answer your questions, or you can visit established clubs that welcome visitors.

For additional information about the BetterInvesting South Florida Chapter, please contact the Chapter at or call the Vice-President, Ionnie McNeill, at 561-352-4967.

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