The South Florida Chapter of BetterInvesting covers the Gold Coast and Treasure Coast of Southeast Florida from Fort Pierce on the north through Key West on the south. The South Florida Chapter of BetterInvesting assumed responsibility for providing the support, training and educational needs for BetterInvesting members in Lee County (Fort Myers), Charlotte County (Port Charlotte) and Collier County (Naples) areas.

Currently most of our events and classes are located in the Fort. Lauderdale area.  As we develop programs to support both individual BI members and Investment Club members in our expanded support area we are exploring different ways to deliver our services.

The South Florida Chapter  is made up of local volunteers. Our primary goal is investor education for our investrment clubs and members in South Florida.

We assist in the formation of new clubs, visit established clubs for training and trouble-shooting, conduct Investors' Fairs and investor training sessions.

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