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The South Florida Chapter Newsletter is published several times a year, in Winter/Spring and Fall. The Fall issue is mailed to all BetterInvesting members in the South Florida Chapter. The following back issues are available in Adobe PDF format.

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Fall Newsletter


BetterInvesting also has an array of Investor Education Articles, covering everything from Stock Investing and Mutual Funds to Retirement and Estate Planning.

Online Education Archive Recordings

Discounted Cash Flow Deep Dive Series:  This deep-dive 5-part series will examine each of the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) components in depth and tie it back to the various tools and concepts found within the BetterInvesting toolset, with an emphasis on driving assumptions within the SSG.

Part 1   Operating Segments and Revenues
Part 2   The Path to EBIT (Earnings before Interest and Taxes)
Part 3   Remaining Building Blocks (Taxes, Depreciation, Operating Working Capital)
Part 4   Cost of Capital (Interest Rates vs. Cost of Equity)
Part 5   Putting it All Together! (Discounting Cash Flows)