Investment Club Support

Searching for Stock Study Ideas?

One club member asked for a simple guide to prepare stock studies. Another asked how to find stocks to study. The answer to both is First Cut reports, prepared by members, reviewed by home office, and a useful benefit of BetterInvesting membership. Never be without a stock presentation at a club meeting!

Have an annual retreat ...

What better way to increase partner participation and investment performance than a retreat? How is your club doing? Why are you here? Watch the video Maintaining a Successful Investment Club (3/7/2020). Slide 25 is a list SPARKS for every club. Login > Visit Other Chapters > Washington > Puget Sound Chapter > Investment Club Support. Thank you Puget Sound Chapter for sharing!

Club Visits

When was the last time your club had a guest speaker? It’s energizing to see a new face every once in while. Are you looking for education ideas throughout the year? We can show you how to find free programs on the new BetterInvesting website. Do you have a member who is new to BetterInvesting?  We can help your new member get up to speed. Don't wait,

Authorized Club Contact

Every club has one authorized contact, who is the only member to receive important communications from the BetterInvesting community. Does your club contact share communications? Your club may be missing out! Who is your current club contact and when did you last update your club contact? If you have questions,  or review Club Contact FAQ.

Club Anniversary Certificate Program

The Sunshine Chapter celebrates our local clubs that reach their incremental five-year anniversaries. What fun it is to congratulate each other for a job well done and to remember former members who were helpful along the way! The Sunshine Chapter presents your club with an anniversary certificate to memorialize your milestone event. We look forward to your next anniversary. See this year's anniversary clubs in News & Articles.

Welcome our newest investment club!

Intense energy and a desire to understand and control their investments prompted a group of friends to form a partnership. Immediately they reached out to the BetterInvesting community to guide the process.  A warm Sunshine Chapter welcome to the partners of The Money Runner$.

Why not start your own investment club?

Whether you start your own club, or join an existing one, being a member of a club is an enlightening experience.  Sunshine Chapter volunteers are available, with support and information, to assist individual members wishing to join or start their own investment club.

Reflections by Eileen … a comfortable retirement

As the founding member of a thirty-year investment club, I never dreamed that club membership would prove to be so helpful. Every month, I applied the lessons learned to my personal portfolio. The dynamic group discussions, insights, and sharing of knowledge have allowed me to be comfortable in my retirement. Thank you BetterInvesting!