If you are looking for a way to use your skills, abilities and work experience to help the Sunshine Chapter in assisting Chapter Trainers in helping the trainers to conduct BetterInvesting courses. Because of the numerous requests for investment education, there is a need for volunteers for the Sunshine Chapter:
  • making phone calls to the Sunshine Chapter membership to announce future training opportunities.
  • providing support activities such as photocopying or taking the membership roll call at training events.
  • assist in the scheduling of future training events.

  • support your local chapter's efforts to provide the best service possible to the membership and encourage individuals and membership to be active in the chapter.
  • 20% discount on BetterInvesting merchandise. Discount on software.
  • S&P Stock Data Service (formerly Online Premium Service - OPS) at no cost. Mutual Fund Resource Center also at no cost.
  • learn new abilities and receive educational courses free or at reduced cost.
  • learn how the Sunshine Chapter and BetterInvesting really works.
Please contact us if you're interested in volunteering.