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Value Line update ...

Value Line is now being offered to residents of Clay County using the public library card. You can access and download company reports online at home for FREE.  This is a valuable benefit and great news for many of our fellow better investors!

Understanding debt and operating leases ...

If company debt has recently skyrocketed, dig deeper! Get the scoop on the new accounting rule in two segments of Ticker Talk: Understanding Debt and Operating Leases  by Ken Kavula (June 2020) and New Reporting Standards for Company Debt and Lease Obligations by Cliff Trent (December 2019). Find them at the Learning Center.

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Hot off the press ... don't miss this book

The Lords of Easy Money: How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy by Christopher Leonard is an easy-to-read riveting narrative about the people inside and outside the Federal Reserve. A must–read for all investors as it focuses on the turmoil caused by the extraordinary debt woven into corporate America over the last several years.

Sam’s stellar article …

BetterInvesting Magazine has an outstanding article by Sam Levine to uncover signs of “creative accounting” using the unique Stock Selection Guide’s visual graph analysis. Is a company managing its earnings? Will the charade come to an end? Is the growth really steady? Can you avoid paying too much? Find "The Merits of a Steadily Growing Business" in the March 2021 edition at page 29, or read it online at the Learning Center.

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Learn at home with online events …

BetterInvesting has an Online Chapter with over 3,300 members. The Online Chapter also supports other chapters’ online educational events and model clubs, with a convenient listing (by time zone) and easy click-through registration. You will find a growing treasure trove of learning opportunities! Access at the BetterInvesting homepage > Visit Other Chapters > Web Only Chapter > Local Events (scroll down to bottom).

Book bucket list ...

How can you become an intelligent better investor? Why not learn something new every day? Charlie Munger's sage advice is simply to read, read, read. Try adding this to your book bucket list:

Fiat Money Inflation in France: How it Came, What it Brought, and How it Ended by Andrew Dickson White, written in 1933, is a classic case study of unintended consequences following an infusion of money and the inflating money supply to pay off debt. White was a historian, not an economist, co-founder and first president of Cornell, as well as a NY state senator and US diplomat. This fascinating short book is available for FREE download here:

Webinars to WOW you!

Fundamental investors ask: Is the company profitable? Is the company financially healthy? Is the company using cash to grow? Is the dividend safe? If you feel challenged by income statements, balance sheets, or cash flow statements, get the basics in Financial Statements Overview at the Learning Center > StockUp > Visit StockUp Video Archives. Thanks to the Central Pennsylvania Chapter for an excellent webinar!

Investors seeking dividend income should watch a thorough review of stocks that consistently increase their dividends.  Find "The Case for Stocks with Growing Dividends" by Craig Braemer in the Video Learning Library.

Don’t miss this powerful and time-worthy webinar “Preferred Procedure Simplified” by Avi Horwitz, who is an expert in using the Stock Selection Guide. Thank you Avi for helping us become better investors! View the webinar, Preferred Procedure Simplified or the slides, Handout

Congratulations Sunshine Chapter Anniversary Clubs!

  • Fernandina Fund 55 years
Investment clubs represent both a personal dedication, as well as a commitment to teamwork, to learn the well-proven principles of BetterInvesting. The Sunshine Chapter appreciates every current, and former member, who played a part in a milestone anniversary. Best wishes for many years of continued success!

Kudos to Fleet Landing Investment Club ...

The Fleet Landing Investment Club was featured in the October 2019 BetterInvesting Magazine. Following an intensive five-month study, they developed a strong sell-strategy and graciously shared their conclusions and rules for selling. The article is worth a discussion at your next club meeting!

Pay it forward ...

  "BetterInvesting has been good to me ... I’m in a much better financial position than I would have been, had I not found BetterInvesting ... The nice thing about investing is that everyone can do well. If one person is successful in investing, it doesn’t take away from another person’s ability to do well … so, share it and pay it forward." Avi Horwitz, July 2020

A  gift NOT made in China!

Share your secret for successful stock investing by giving a one-year BetterInvesting Individual Plus Membership,  with unbiased investment education, online stock tools, and exclusive publications.  A Gift That Keeps Giving - Investor Education, is a convenient way to send a BetterInvesting Gift Membership.

Value Line online ...

Did you know that you may be eligible for free access to Value Line online, even if your local library does not offer it? The Alachua County Library District provides this service to all Florida residents, 18 and older. You must request a library card, in person, at any Alachua County Library location with your current photo identification and proof of Florida residency. How great is that?

Ponzi scheme in Jacksonville ...

Charles Ponzi, one of the world’s most notorious pyramid swindlers, was selling his scheme in Jacksonville to take advantage of the 1920s Florida land boom. He formed the Charpon Land Syndicate, offering investors a 200% profit within 60 days. Lots were sold "near Jacksonville" for $10, which were actually 65 miles west of Jacksonville and mostly underwater. He was convicted of securities fraud in Jacksonville but disappeared after posting bail.

State of the chapter ...

The Sunshine Chapter has 180 members. Our seven volunteers provide an effective ratio of one volunteer for 25 members. We have 11 investment clubs, with an average of 11 members. We have 15–lifetime members. Individual membership is 57.

Our small geographic area is convenient for members. The Model Investment Club meets in a centrally-located public library. Club visits are within a short drive. If you live in the counties of Bradford, Baker, Clay, Columbia, Duval, Hamilton, La Fayette, Nassau, St. Johns, Suwannee, and Union, we are here to support you!

The Sunshine Chapter is in northeast Florida, surrounded by beautiful beaches, rivers, springs, parks, and historic areas. We are home of the Mayo Clinic, University of North Florida, Flagler College, Jacksonville University, NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, World Golf Hall of Fame, PGA Players Championship, Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance, Mayport Naval Station, and Jacksonville Naval Air Station.