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Covid-19 ... With time at home, what should I do?

While the world ponders the pandemic, why not turn off the noise and take time to sharpen your skills? You are your best teacher! Here are a few suggestions:

First, familiarize yourself with the BetterInvesting website, especially the Learning Center. Watch archived webinars in the Video Learning Library. The magic is that you can pause and learn at your own pace.

Dust off past issues of BetterInvesting Magazine to complete a Stock Selection Guide for each featured stock. Did you know you can use the Learning Center for archived issues? There's a goldmine waiting to be found!

Pour over the BetterInvesting Weekly E-Newsletter for First Cut stock studies, prepared by members like you, as well as links to  member-favorite Ticker Talk, with the featured Five-in-Five. You will learn a lot!

Join one, or all, of the dozens of online clubs. Go to Our Community > Other Chapters > Online Chapter > Local Events for a growing list of Online Model Stock Investment Club Meetings.

Last, and most important, update your member account. Click on My Account and go to Email Subscription Information. You could be missing a myriad of educational benefits. After all, you paid for it!


How can you become an intelligent better investor? Why not learn something new every day? Charlie Munger's sage advice is simply to read, read, read. Try adding this to your book-bucket list:

Fiat Money Inflation in France: How it Came, What it Brought, and How it Ended by Andrew Dickson White, written in 1933, is a classic case-study of unintended consequences following an infusion of money and inflating money supply to pay off debt. White was an historian, not an economist, co-founder and first president of Cornell, as well as a NY state senator and US diplomat. This fascinating short book is available for FREE download here:

Webinars to WOW you!

Don’t miss this hot-off-the-press powerful and time-worthy webinar “Preferred Procedure Simplified” by Avi Horwitz, who is an expert in using the Stock Selection Guide. Thank you Avi for helping us become better investors! View the webinar, Preferred Procedure Simplified or the slides, Handout

Congratulations Sunshine Chapter Anniversary Clubs!

  • Mandarin Money Makers 30 years
  • Investment Dreamers 25 years
  • One Accord 20 years
These clubs represent both a personal dedication, as well as a commitment of teamwork, to learn the well-proven principles of BetterInvesting. The Sunshine Chapter appreciates every current, and former member, who played a part in your milestone anniversary. Best wishes for many years of continued success!

Kudos to Fleet Landing Investment Club

The Fleet Landing Investment Club was featured in the October 2019 BetterInvesting Magazine. Following an intensive five-month study, they developed a strong sell-strategy and graciously shared their conclusions and rules for selling. The article is worth a discussion at your next club meeting!

Pay It Forward

  "BetterInvesting has been good to me ... I’m in a much better financial position than I would have been, had I not found BetterInvesting ... The nice thing about investing is that everyone can do well. If one person is successful in investing, it doesn’t take away from another person’s ability to do well … so, share it and pay it forward." Avi Horwitz, July 2020

Value Line Online

Did you know that you may be eligible for free access to Value Line online, even if your local library does not offer it? The Alachua County Library District provides this service to all Florida residents, 18 and older. You must request a library card, in person, at any Alachua County Library location with your current photo identification and proof of Florida residency. How great is that?

Ponzi Scheme in Jacksonville

Charles Ponzi, one of the world’s most notorious pyramid swindlers, was selling his scheme in Jacksonville to take advantage of the 1920’s Florida land boom. He formed the Charpon Land Syndicate, offering investors a 200% profit within 60 days. Lots were sold "near Jacksonville" for $10, that were actually 65 miles west of Jacksonville and mostly underwater. He was convicted of securities fraud in Jacksonville, but disappeared after posting bail.