2 Anniversaries Worth Celebrating in July

As I write this column, summer has arrived and July is around the corner. It’s my favorite time of year. Summer is a delight in Michigan, as far as I’m concerned, and since my service anniversary with the organization is in July, it’s also a reflective time of year for me. I have been working at BetterInvesting since 2010. It amazes me that it’s nearly 11 years since I first set foot in BI home office as a member of the staff. What a journey it has been!

There is much to reflect on when I think back on my time as an employee. More so when you consider I’ve been associated with BI for even longer, adding in my membership in WARP (Women Against Retiring Poor). I’ve been a member of my club for most of the last 24 years (I took a couple of years off, so sadly I can’t say 24 full years). I’ve grown so much and learned so much from this outstanding organization.

​I want to share the fulfillment I feel as a member of BI’s staff. The journey as an employee has been important to me in my personal development. The org is truly dedicated to helping our members become successful investors. As a group we are determined to provide the best educational tools and resources for that purpose. The staff at home office are truly kind and caring people who want nothing more than to watch our members succeed in learning to control their own financial future and thrive in the process.

​When I was first invited to join WARP back in 1997 I, like many of you too I would guess, had very little idea about what I might learn if I joined. I’d never heard of an investment club before and wasn’t at all sure what this commitment might mean. I surely didn’t think I’d still be an active member 24 years later. But I am. And I’m glad I am.

​In the ensuing years I have learned about investing from the unique perspective of being an indivi­dual investor, a retail investor as some call us. Most of us are aware of the high-powered institutional investors, the fund managers and 401(k) plan managers, etc., and know they hold a ton of clout in the investing world. However, they are NOT the only voices that matter. The individual investor plays an important role in the investing world. We BetterInvesting members are proud to wear the label of individual investor.

​In that role I have learned just how vital it is to be aware of and dedicated to watching over personal investments. The tools and education offered by BI areinvaluable for that purpose. Through the years of my membership with the organization I have learned what characteristics to look for when deciding which com­panies to purchase, which to let go and which are demonstrating the fundamentals necessary to be a worthwhile holding.

​Throughout my time as a retail investor, I’ve learned the value of being my own best adviser when it comes to investment opportunities. There is a lot of merit in understanding your holdings, whether they be individual investments or those within a 401(k), IRA, mutual fund or other investment vehicle. The person who understands the nuances of their holdings is a person who is committed to controlling their own financial future and a perfect candidate for membership in BetterInvesting.

Channeling ‘the Power of Group Learning’

Whether you’re an individual member or a club member, BetterInvesting has an important role to play in determining the next steps for your future. As stated above, my BI membership has always been associated with being a member of my investment club WARP, which gifted me with so much more than just investing. It’s an important part of my social life and a beautifully integrated thread in the fabric of my life.

​Investment club membership has helped me to meet and form lifelong friendships with a dynamic group of women. My club is a women-only club that offers all of us a safe place to learn and grow as investors. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made is to join this group. I feel safe within the club in so many ways. I love being part of a team working toward the same goal. I respect these women who make me feel valued, have taught me about the power of group learning and helped me to feel validated and rewarded not just as a member of Team WARP, but also as a person. It’s certainly the most successful social group I’ve been a part of and for that I’ll always be grateful.

​I know many readers are likely able to relate. I encourage you to share your positive experience as a BI member with your friends, family and co-workers. I also encourage others outside the organization who might be reading this to seriously consider becoming a member of this marvelous organization. There’s so much to learn when it comes to successful investing and BetterInvesting offers outstanding educational resources that are easy to access and easy to follow. We have the methodology to teach you so much. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

​Wishing you continued success, and of course, better investing!

This article was originally published in the September 2021 issue of BetterInvesting Magazine.

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