BetterInvesting staff collaborate with our volunteer community to provide the unbiased education, stock analysis tools and other resources that help individual members and investment clubs find long-term investing success. 

Home Office Staff

Kamie Zaracki
Chief Executive Officer
(248) 654-3051

Doug Gerlach
President, ICLUBcentral
(248) 654-3086
Suzanne Artzberger
Director, Information Technology
(248) 654-3033
Dennis Genord
Director, New Member Growth, Chapter Support and Member Education
(248) 654 – 5041
Adam Ritt
Director, Communications
(248) 654-3045
Cliff Trent
Director, Shared Services
(248) 654-3035
Ken Zak
Director, Corporate Relations
(248) 654 – 3056

Member Services
(877) 275-6242

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