Members of the BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board provide leadership, expertise and  guidance to more than 600 BetterInvesting volunteers who serve BetterInvesting clubs and individual members nationwide.

BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board

Henry Gold — San Francisco Chapter

Nick Stratigos — Pittsburgh Chapter

Joe Farrell — LA/MS Chapter

Kaye Clingan — LA/MS Chapter
Jane Chatterjee — North Carolina Chapter
Diane Ellison — Puget Sound Chapter
Bob Houle — Space Coast Chapter
Deane Jaeger — Wisconsin Chapter
Howard Johnson — Georgia Chapter
Irene Jondahl — Heart of Oklahoma Chapter
Denise Kimberlin — South Carolina Chapter
Bobbie Kincaid — Heart of Illinois Chapter
Joan Loken — Rocky Mountain Chapter
Gloria Mankonen — Philadelphia Chapter
Suzanne McNealy — Sacramento Chapter

Associate Directors
Linda Hunt — Central Indiana Chapter
Cynthia McCrary — Georgia Chapter
Jerry Pillans — Houston Chapter
Dave Swierenga — Dallas Chapter
National Volunteers
Joanne Amos — Heart of Oklahoma Chapter
Charles Bard — Northwest Buckeye Chapter
Sue Donnelly — Pittsburgh Chapter
Jie Eagleson — Sacramento Chapter
Mary Enright — Heartland Chapter
Carolyn Fox — Heart of Oklahoma Chapter
Hany Michael — Online Chapter
Jim Hurt — Heartland Chapter
David Moore — Central Pennsylvania Chapter
Larry Reno — Georgia Chapter
Mary Ann Rentsch — Northeast Ohio Chapter
Sue Spurlin — Chicagoland Chapter
Carol Theine — Puget Sound Chapter

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