Our Hardworking Volunteers

The BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board is a hard-working group of BetterInvesting volunteers who help and support our dedicated community of volunteers across America.

BetterInvesting Volunteer Advisory Board

Bobbie Kincaid — Heart of Illinois Chapter 

Cynthia McCrary — Georgia Chapter 

Joe Farrell — LA/MS Chapter

Kaye Clingan — LA/MS Chapter
Jane Chatterjee — North Carolina Chapter
Marty Eckerle —  Oki Tri-State Chapter
Carolyn Fox — Heart of Oklahoma Chapter
Bob Houle — Space Coast Chapter
Linda Hunt — Central Indiana Chapter
Deane Jaeger — Wisconsin Chapter
Howard Johnson — Georgia Chapter
Irene Jondahl — Heart of Oklahoma Chapter
Denise Kimberlin — South Carolina Chapter 
Gloria Mankonen — Philadelphia Chapter
Suzanne McNealy — Sacramento Chapter
Jerry Pillans — Houston Chapter
Mary Ann Rentsch — Northeast Ohio Chapter
Anita Widmayer  -  Golden West Chapter

National Volunteers
Joanne Amos — Heart of Oklahoma Chapter
Charles Bard — Northwest Buckeye Chapter
Roy Chastain  -  Sacramento Chapter
Sue Donnelly — Pittsburgh Chapter
Diane Ellison — Puget Sound Chapter
Mary Enright — Heartland Chapter
Henry Gold — San Francisco Chapter
Jim Hurt — Heartland Chapter 
Joan Loken — Rocky Mountain Chapter
Marion Michel - Silicon Valley Chapter
David Moore — Central Pennsylvania Chapter
Daniel Perlman  — North Carolina Chapter
Larry Reno — Georgia Chapter
Carol Theine — Puget Sound Chapter
Jim Vandersall - Georgia Chapter

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