From the Space Coast to the Gulf Coast, the NORTH FLORIDA  Chapter covers all of North Florida.  Yes, the Space Coast Chapter has been renamed by BetterInvesting to better describe the geographic area that the chapter supports and to be more inclusive of the three chapters that have merged to create this new chapter (Space Coast, Tampa Bay and Big Bend).

The North Florida Chapter of BetterInvesting  is made up of experienced and highly trained BetterInvesting Volunteers.  Our mission is provide investor education and training for our individual and  clubs members in North Florida from the Space Coast (Melbourne, Cocoa and Daytona area) to the Gulf Coast (Port Charlotte north to the Big Bend/Tallahassee area).  We assist in the formation of new clubs, visit established clubs for training and trouble-shooting, conduct Investors' Fairs and  a variety of other training sessions.  Classes are held in the local communities and online using webinar technology. 

Our chapter has a robust Financial Literacy program for our members and volunteers as described in the following paragraphs.  In addition, we are engaged in a joint venture with the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)'s Cape Canaveral Chapter (MOAACC) to help military members (active, retired and separated) and their families become successful investors.  This is a multifaceted program that covers a variety of financial literacy topics focusing on how to become financially secure and independent.  You can find out more by visiting the BetterInvesting/MOAACC Financial Literacy website.

For our membership we conduct monthly online training workshops with individual and club members.   This workshop concept was originally conceived as a training platform to support orientation and skill training for new Space Coast Model Stock Investing Club members.  We encourage everyone (members and future members) to attend these monthly meetings but you do need to register to get your login credentials.    It has since grown to support general chapter BI membership training in an interactive, unscripted workshop environment that supports individual, highly interactive learning.  We've found it to be a very effective method to train new club members so that they can become competent, confident and  productive members in their club.  This complements our one-on-one and small group training sessions for new members.

If you want to learn some Tips, Tricks, & Techniques for Investor's Toolkit, Stock Prospector, Data Handling, and general computer items then please visit our very informative  Space Coast Educational website.

If you'd like to attend our chapter board meetings and learn more about how you can share your investing knowledge with others in the community you can by registering for our monthly board meetings (see the schedule of meetings under the chapter Events tab).  


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