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Chapter Newsletters

The North Florida Chapter publishes a quarterly newsletter with all kinds of interesting articles and ideas.  It is emailed to all BetterInvesting members in the North Florida Chapter using our Interspire communications channel in addition to this web page.  The issues are available for download in Adobe PDF format.

Integration of SSGPlus with myICLUB accounting

Our chapter's 1st TUESDAY Training Workshop team is holding special training on ICLUBcentral's club accounting online software. 

This training is being conducted in two sessions:  

  • Session 1 (May 2021):  comprehensive tour of the website's full interface.  Click to view recording.
  • Session 2 (June 2021):  focus on the portfolio management features with special training on integrating the stock monitor's SSGPlus stock study with myICLUB.    This provides the capability to use all the powerful features of myICLUB with the club's consensus judgments instead of the default judgments from TK6.  Click to view recording.

North Florida Chapter "Dream Portfolio Contest"

Our chapter  is sponsoring  its first (and hopefully, annual) portfolio contest for BetterInvesting members of the North Florida Chapter.  This year's contest period runs from April through December of 2021.  The club submitting the winning portfolio will receive $100 and the second place will receive $50. The winning individual portfolio will receive $50 and the second place will receive $25.  Click to view the portfolios submitted and the current ranking status.    We will be providing additional information on this contest in Interspire Bulletins to the membership.

First Cut Stock Study Series

First Cut Stock Study Presentation (with recording link on slide #3)      link to the Recording

Link to South Region Leadership Support website - First Cuts

North Florida Chapter Club First Cut Challenge

The NFC Chapter is sponsoring a First Cut Submission Challenge for all BI clubs in our chapter.  All clubs that participate can earn SSGPlus upgrades to BI online tools for all their BI members.  Clubs participate by:

  •  drafting a First Cut

  •  all club members are BI members

  •  participate in online review of their FC

  •  Submit completed FC to BI for publication

This challenge will run through December 31, 2021.   For more information on this contest please contact Jim Gallagher at

April was Financial Literacy Month - 

For the 5th year our local North Florida Chapter partnered with the local Cape Canaveral Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America  (MOAACC) to produce a series of articles and webinar programs on various Financial Literacy articles of interest to our members and their families.  Shown below is this year's presentation.   If you click here you will be taken to the MOAACC's website where details of their FinLit program are published.  To view the articles archive click here.

"Financial Literacy" - Robin Ware & Dan Harter

Building Wealth - Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Recording of the 6 April 2021 webinar

Stock Investing Made Easy Series - Recordings & Handouts

Why the Tortoise Sometimes Wins (Avi Horwitz - June 29, 2020) 
Follow-Up Q&A Handout

Preferred Procedure Simplified (Avi Horwitz - July 20, 2020) 
Handout / Additional Handout
 Follow-up Q&A Handout

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes  (Avi Horwitz - October 26, 2020) Handout /  Q&A Handout

The Years Keep Rolling By (Avi Horwitz - November 30, 2020) 
Handout-1 / Handout-2 / Handout-3 / Bonus (Additional Information) / Q&A Handout

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The North Florida Chapter also publicizes its seminars, educational courses, and other programs in the Regional Notices section of BetterInvesting Magazine.


Chapter Articles

First Tuesday Training Workshop:  ValueLine and Morningstar Library Resources
(to view the recording of this workshop click here)

New Update!!  ==> Libraries with Non-resident Borrowing Privileges!

Calming Advice for Times Like This by Gary Ball, Puget Sound Chapter
Why Join an Investment Club?
Are You Suffering from a Low T Investing Program?
Stress Test Your Portfolio

North Florida Chapter Monthly Education Events

Each month the chapter hosts two online events that are well attended by BetterInvesting members and guests from throughout the BetterInvesting community.  They are the Space Coast Model Investment Club (SCMIC) and the Tuesday Training Workshop (TTW). The SCMIC features an education presentation and one or more stock studies.  The TTW likewise presents quality education and training information in an informal setting where the guests can ask questions.  

All stock studies and education presentations can be accessed by clicking on the links below:
Click to view the Stock Studies archive.
Click to view the Education Presentations archive.
Click to view the First Tuesday Training Workshop archive.

Annual Membership Meeting Links

The North Florida Chapter held its 2020 Annual Planning meeting on Thursday, 3 September 2020.  The meeting highlights included celebrating anniversaries for clubs in our chapter, election of directors for the Class of 2023 and a special presentation by Kathleen Richards from the Northeast Ohio Chapter titled "Quality Matters."  If you missed it or would like to view it again please click on the links below:

Recording of this Meeting   (requires login)

BIwiki   <==click to go to the BIwiki website

The North Florida Chapter is the host for a special type of website -- a wiki.  A wiki is a collaborative web site that allows anyone to edit its pages. This particular wiki is for people who are interested in investing and in the investment style identified with BetterInvesting and the National Association of Investors (NAIC).  The BIwiki site is intended to be a publicly accessible repository for information and "lore" related to the style of investing embodied in the philosophy of BetterInvesting. The content in this site is produced by registered users who choose to create and contribute material, as explained below.
How to register.  To be a registered contributor to this BIwiki you must be a member of BetterInvesting.  Having said that it is emphasized that this wiki is not in any way sponsored nor endorsed by BetterInvesting.

What can you do here?   We hope that many of you will use this wiki to contribute your knowledge, ideas, best practices, points of view etc about BetterInvesting and the BetterInvesting style of investing. You can add comments to existing pages, or you can rewrite existing pages. You can even create entirely new sections of the wiki. There are countless ways to use this space, and we're counting on you to find them, invent new ones, and make it work!
We hope that what emerges from this wiki is a body of knowledge that the whole BetterInvesting community can use.  
Viewing the BIwiki is open to everyone.  If, after having viewed the content you have an idea you'd like to contribute to further the investing knowledge of other BetterInvesting members you will need to become a registered user.