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"COVID Cancellation Conference"

Investing: Before, During & After a Storm

May 14-May 16, 2020

5 webinars online, presented by
BI Mid-Michigan Chapter and ManifestInvesting

Featuring Kim Butcher, Pat Donnelly, Ken Kavula, Cy Lynch, Hugh McManus and Mark Robertson.

This will be a series of five webinars presented over three days starting on Thursday May 14th and running through Saturday May 16th.  All the details and registration links are found on the Mid-Michigan Chapter's web page on the BetterInvesting website (Events page).  We are excited and privileged to being able to share this unique education event with our over 800 North Florida Chapter members.

North Florida Chapter Monthly Education Events

Each month the chapter hosts two online events that are well attended by BetterInvesting members and guests from throughout the BetterInvesting community.  They are the Space Coast Model Investment Club (SCMIC) and the Tuesday Training Workshop (TTW).   The SCMIC features an education presentation and one or more stock studies.  The TTW likewise presents quality education and training information in an informal setting where the guests can ask questions.  

All stock studies and education presentations can be accessed by clicking on the links below:
Click to view the Stock Studies archive.
Click to view the Education Presentations archive.
Click to view the First Tuesday Training Workshop archive.


Chapter Newsletters

The North Florida Chapter publishes a quarterly newsletter with all kinds of interesting articles and ideas.  It is emailed to all BetterInvesting members in the North Florida Chapter using our Interspire communications channel in addition to this web page.  The issues are available for download in Adobe PDF format.

Chapter Articles

First Tuesday Training Workshop:  ValueLine and Morningstar Library Resources
(to view the recording of this workshop click here)

"Calming Advice for Times Like This"  by Gary Ball, Puget Sound Chapter

Why Join an Investment Club?

Are You Suffering from a Low T Investing Program?

Stress Test Your Portfolio

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