Investment Club Support

The Online Chapter provides support to BetterInvesting clubs in a variety of ways. The following subject areas contain valuable information in an effort to keep our investment clubs running smoothly and profitably.  Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at

Club Visits

Would you like a guest speaker at an upcoming meeting?  Could your club benefit from a question-and-answer session with someone who's "been there"? Could your club use some help with any of these topics? A volunteer from the Online Chapter can attend your investment club meeting via GoToMeeting and present on any of the following:

  • Applying judgment to the Stock Selection Guide (SSG)
  • Voting on portfolio decisions without upsetting other members
  • A portfolio review – Is your portfolio diversified? How might you improve your club’s buy and sell decisions
  • Club accounting and tax issues
  • Partner withdrawals – Why transferring appreciated stock instead of cash is a win-win for everyone.
  • Finding small companies
  • Making use of BetterInvesting membership benefits
  • Assistance with SSG tools (Toolkit or BetterInvesting CoreSSG and SSGPlus)

A club visit from a volunteer with years of investing experience is a valuable services the Online Chapter provides our investment clubs. These are the terrific people who teach our classes, coordinate our member support, put together the Online Chapter Newsletter -- and make online club visits free of charge! Every dues-paying club is eligible for one FREE club visit per calendar year with the volunteer presentation being 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The chapter has a club visit coordinator who will find the right person at the right time for the right subject matter. That volunteer will set up the GoToMeeting for the date and time you specify and can discuss any particulars about the topics you wish to have presented

Please email the following information to

  • Let us know what topic(s) you would like the volunteer to discuss at your meeting.
  • Let us know how to contact you for further information. 

Our directors really enjoy making club visits. We hope you'll take advantage of this valuable program. Give it a try!

New Club Member Training/Mentoring Program

Clubs with new members often need help from our chapter trainers to get new club members oriented on BetterInvesting's SSG policies and practices and how to type of things.  This is training that we've found over the years cannot be effectively conducted during the club meetings.  We have several resources available to your club and new club members that you may want to use.

The first is our monthly is our Online Chapter Member Mentoring Workshops.  These workshops are currently held every other month (the odd numbered ones).   This workshop concept allows for audience interaction though "open mic" dialogue that allows more meaningful discussions on the topics and the opportunity to actually carry on a two-way conversation.  To the extent possible, we are trying to provide a personal, one-to-one mentoring experience.  See the "Local Events" tab on this web page for information on how to attend.

Another option is you can contact our chapter's VP-Training and Education about your needs, and we can actually tailor a future training workshop focused on your club's identified training topic.  In addition,  club support is provided in two other more personal venues:

  1. Direct training to club members as a group and
  2. ​One-on-one training for individual member(s) of the club (usually, new members that need a "fast start" to bring them up to a baseline skill level to quickly help them become informed, productive club partners.

To explore what support options would work best for your club please contact us at to get things set up.​

Club Contact FAQ

If you have questions about determining who your club contact currently is, how to change your club contact and other frequently asked questions, please see the attached document or contact us at

Please be sure that your club contact realizes that they will be the only one in the club receiving mailings and materials from the Chapter and that they should bring or forward copies of those items to the other members of the club.

Related Files - Club Contact FAQ 

Club Anniversary Certificate Program

The Online Chapter recognizes clubs celebrating their incremental five year anniversaries. We believe reaching such a milestone is an achievement deserving recognition and congratulations from BetterInvesting. Home Office will be providing the Online Chapter a certificate for each investment club reaching this milestone.   During 2019 we will be celebrating anniversaries for clubs ranging in age from 5 years to 60 years!  You can view the list by clicking  here.
A chapter representative will reach out to the club contact of each investment club celebrating this special anniversary to make arrangements for the certificate presentation. Please be sure to let us know of any change in contact information with regard to your club contact by sending an email to

Thank you for being a BetterInvesting Club!