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What’s a Satellite? Am I in one?
Great question – You belong to the Online Chapter (OLC). The Online Chapter members were drawn from chapters that were closed and other members that geographically did not already belong to a Chapter nearby. Some areas of the United States have a concentration of members – many from closed chapters. If there are volunteers in an area that are trained, ready, and willing and able to serve, the OLC has formed a geographic group called “Satellites”.

Where are the Satellites?
Long Island
New York City
South Central Texas (supporting members in the Great San Antonio Area)
Southwest Idaho
Yankee (Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island)

What is the " Objective?
Provide the opportunity for each BetterInvesting member in the local area to develop the investing skills needed to achieve financial security and independence.

Satellite News Articles

What’s happening in the Satellites?
The Online Chapter’s four Satellites are ready to assist local clubs and members. What can they do for your club or you?

Club Visits
Would you like a Club visit – in person or virtual? We can answer general questions about BetterInvesting and more. Maybe you need help navigating the rich content on the website. Perhaps you’d like a portfolio tuneup or tips on how to find stocks to study. And a favorite club visit is to present an anniversary certificate - Always a time for celebrating. If your club has a milestone anniversary (5, 10, 15, 20 25 or more years) a BetterInvesting benefit is a presentation (in person or virtual) of your club’s anniversary certificate. Your club may also choose to include a short presentation of other topics of interest. Contact the Online Chapter today to inquire about a club visit.

Forming a New Club
Are you newly forming a club? Get answers to partnership agreements, opening brokerage accounts and bank account, setting up software and assistance navigating the BetterInvesting website and tools.

Local Events
Our Satellites will begin holding local events when it is safe to meet. Check in with your local Satellite Leader to be on the mailing list for future events.

Form a New Satellite
The Online Chapter is always looking for passionate volunteers to form a Satellite and assist other members in their area with their knowledge and passion. Contact us to see how you can help.

First Annual OLC Portfolio Contest, 2022-2023

BetterInvesting’s Online Chapter (OLC) is conducting its First Annual Portfolio Contest between September 1, 2022, and July 31, 2023. The Portfolio Contest aspires to draw attention to the BetterInvesting (BI) investing approach, to enhance relationships among club members, to enhance all members' relationships with BetterInvesting and the BI Online chapter, and to have fun.

This year’s Rules of Contest can be seen via clicking here. In response to feedback regarding the Pilot Contest, as well as a desire to further structure the contest as a meaningful educational event that reinforces BI’s principles and stock analysis tools, some changes to the rules have been introduced. Compared to the Pilot Contest, new features of the First Annual Contest are:

  • the contest this year will be a 11 months ( rather than 5.5 months in the pilot) . After this year it will be 12 months, running from August 1st through the following July 31st,
  • besides clubs, individuals can now enter the contest,
  • the imaginary sum invested has been increased from $10,000 to $100,000,
  • the number of stocks in the portfolio has been increased from 3-5 to 4-7,
  • entrants are being asked, but not required, to provide SSGs and indicate the rationale behind their selection of stocks,
  • once during the year contestants will be able to change holdings in their portfolio,
  • during the 2023 OLC Annual Meeting spokespersons for the winning portfolios are being expected to make a short (5 min.) presentation that covers the rationale for the stocks selected, any portfolio rebalancing, and comments on the portfolio’s performance during the contest.

Periodic updates and assessments on the progress of the Portfolios will be sent to our members via Interspire emails and our OLC Monthly News Bulletin.  You can view, in real time, the contest status by clicking on  Portfolio Summary and Portfolio Details.

If you have any questions or suggestions, email with “Portfolio Contest” in the subject line.

Dan Perlman, Portfolio Contest Chair


Volume 1, Issue 10: November 2022


Calming Advice in Times Like This  by Gary Ball, Puget Sound Chapter, March 20, 2020

Financial Literacy:  Stress Test Your Investment Portfolio

Are You Suffering from a Low T Investing Program?

BIwiki  - a place for BI members to collaborate on investing


Educational & Information Resources for Better Investing,  September 15, 2021
Webinar Recording: Click to view recording
Webinar Slides: Click to download slides
Webinar Resources: Click to download resources list



Novem:ber 17, 2021  Introduction    Slides 

January 19, 2022:  First Cuts        Slides

March 16, 2022:  Finding Stocks      Slides

May 18, 2022:  Basic Rules—Investing for a Lifetime (with Bob Adams)   
         Recording  Access Passcode: e5idi=VW
      Bob's handouts can be found on his website at

July 20, 2022:  Keeping Your Head in Crazy  Market     Slides

September 21, 2022:  Quarterly Data    Slides



Online Chapter Third Annual Meeting,   August 25, 2022
     Business meeting
     Education presentation: -  Repair Shop: Behind the Scenes

Online Chapter Second Annual Meeting,   August 26, 2021

    President's State of the Chapter Report to the Membership

Online Chapter First Annual Meeting​, July 30, 2020



Playing the Investment Piano with Both Hands - Part 3,  December 15, 2020
Class Recording: Click to view recording
Class Handout: Click to download slides

Playing the Investment Piano with Both Hands - Part 2,  November 17, 2020
Class Recording: Click to view recording 
Class Handout: Click to download slides

Online Chapter First Annual Meeting​, July 30, 2020
Class Title: Playing the Investment Piano with Both Hands - Part 1 by Saul Seinberg
Class Recording:  Click to view recording
Class Handout:  Click to download slides

Online Chapter Volunteer Orientation , March 5, 2019
Class Title: REITs by Saul Seinberg
Class Recording: Click to view recording     
Class Handout: Click to download slides


Stock Investing Made Easy Series - Recordings & Handouts

Why the Tortoise Sometimes Wins (Avi Horwitz - June 29, 2020) 
Follow-Up Q&A Handout

Preferred Procedure Simplified (Avi Horwitz - July 20, 2020) 
Handout / Additional Handout
Follow-up Q&A Handout

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes  (Avi Horwitz - October 26, 2020) Handout /  Q&A Handout

The Years Keep Rolling By (Avi Horwitz - November 30, 2020) 
Handout-1 / Handout-2 / Handout-3 / Bonus (Additional Information) / Q&A Handout

Go to the bottom of our homepage to join the  Online Chapters's Guest List for timely email reminders of upcoming events.

The Online Chapter also publicizes its seminars, educational courses, and other programs in the Regional Notices section of BetterInvesting Magazine.


Online Chapter Launches announcement by Kamie Zaracki, January 14, 2019


What is an Online Chapter?

The Online Chapter (OLC) serves clubs and members who are currently unable to receive support from a local chapter due to geographic dispersion.  The OLC operates within the same structure as the regular, on the ground, chapters. It provides a consistent set of chapter programs which includes Model Club, Club Visits, Education webinars etc. to support clubs and individual members.  The primary difference is the delivery method: Online.

Why have an Online Chapter?

In the past 70 years BetterInvesting has been successfully empowering investors by constantly adapting to the changing environment. This era is no exception.  Computer and communication technologies have changed our way of learning and connecting with others. Operating an online chapter offers flexibility to clubs and individual members to engage and connect while receiving investing education and information.  This is part of the organization’s evolution, proactively meeting current and prospective members needs.

The benefits of belonging to an online chapter

  • Receive better support with more interactive service and prompt responses.  The service includes emails, online group discussion forums, an online meeting tool with screen sharing capability, and Facebook Messenger etc.
  • ​Convenient online Model Club(s) meetings or listening to the recordings at any time.
  • Provide mentorship to clubs and to individual members for addressing questions such as treasury, Stock Selection Guide, forming a new club, finding and visiting a club.
  • ​Attend online investing educational events.
How Do You Find Us?

You can visit us on our chapter website to learn more about our Model clubs, Visit-a-Club, and education events etc.  “Like” or “Follow” us on BetterInvesting Online Chapter Facebook.

How Do You Participate as a Volunteer in Online Chapter?

Please visit our chapter volunteering page about how you can become a volunteer and fill out the Volunteer Application.

Online Chapter Launches announcement by Kamie Zaracki, January 14, 2019