Form Your Investment Club

Find like-minded people who have the same interest and desire about stock investing as you, and who are committed to applying the BetterInvesting stock selection methodology in running a profitable stock investment club.
Request an Investment Club Mentor

Find Potential Members

The most successful investment clubs are made up people who all share the common interest of making money investing in stocks.

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Hold Club Organization Meeting

It is in these meetings where the roster of club members is established, club officers are elected and the club start-up activities are administered.

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Put a Legal Structure in Place

New investment clubs that join BetterInvesting typically adopt and use the General Partnership Agreement developed by the Mutual Investment Club of Detroit – one of the organization’s founding clubs.

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Establish Club Operating Procedures

Now you need to establish the operating procedures of the club.

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Open a Brokerage Account

In this step you need to make a determination as to where and with whom to commit your club’s investment dollars.

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Create a Club Accounting Structure

The club accounting system BetterInvesting developed has been time-tested by thousands of clubs operating as partnerships.

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Structure the Monthly Club Meeting

Put in place a structure that enables the club to run more like a business with the social aspects a necessary and important side element.

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