Hold Club Organization Meeting

Organizational Club Meetings

The initial meetings held will be organizational meetings. It is in these meetings where the roster of club members is established, club officers are elected and the club start-up activities are administered. Schedule these meetings every two weeks to keep the process moving. It should take no more than four organizational meetings to get the club up and running. Use our Investment Club Start-up Check List as a framework to help you move through the process in an organized and efficient manner.

You are welcome to invite a mentor to your meeting who can provide an overview of BetterInvesting, how we invest, and answer questions. Your mentor will help you after the meeting with any other help you need with getting started.

The First Organizational Meeting

Prepare and send out invitations for the first organizational meeting. Here's a sample meeting invitation you can use.

The agenda for the first meeting should include a brief discussion of the following:
  • The club’s investing philosophy
  • The overall reasonable expectations of forming an investment club
  • The planning process for forming an investment club
Follow up the discussion with a question and answer session so everyone has the opportunity to become fully acquainted with what’s involved in starting and running a successful investment club.  Afterwards, be sure to confirm the following:
  • Each prospective member desires to start a club that invests in good quality growth companies
  • The investing style and/or strategy followed will be on the BetterInvesting stock selection principles and methodology
  • The club will register with BetterInvesting and club members will enroll as BetterInvesting club members
After confirming the commitment of the prospective members it’s time to move on to establishing a roster of club members followed by the election of club officers.

Officers shall consist of a Presiding Partner, Assistant Presiding Partner, Recording Partner, Financial Partner and Assistant Financial Partner.  Here is a descriptions of the duties of the officers.  A simple majority vote by the club members is all you need to elect officers.

After the election of officers is complete, it’s time to prepare for the second organizational meeting as shown on the Investment Club Start-up Check List.  Distribute the following documents to all club members and assign one person to take charge of each document.  Have them review each and be ready to discuss and act upon them at the next meeting. From this point forward you should follow the meeting schedule found in the Investment Club Start-up Check List.  Remember to try to set up meetings no more than two weeks apart and to keep the process of moving through the remaining steps.
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