Establish Club Operating Procedures

These procedures are the day-to-day rules by which the club is run.

You’ve now got your club registered with BetterInvesting, your club members are BetterInvesting members, you’ve got a club name, you’ve got some leaders and you’ve registered your club with the government. That’s a great accomplishment. Now you need to establish the operating procedures of the club. Sometimes referred to as the investment club rules template or club bylaws, it is important that every club establish a framework that club members will use in the administration and operations of the club.

Here's a good example of operating procedures. You should read this document carefully and consider using it as a template for your club. Note any items that may need amending and discuss them with your fellow club members. In the end it comes down to what works best for all of the club members. Like the partnership agreement, the operating procedures should be reviewed periodically to ensure they represent the club as desired.

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