Mutual Funds & ETFs

Mutual funds and ETFs are a popular choice in both 401(k) and personal investing accounts. We explain how they work, dangers to avoid and how to assess how well funds perform.

Will Index Investing Destabilize the Financial Markets?

by Thomas D. Saler Mar 11, 2021 Major Shift to Passive Investing Likely to Lead to Greater Volatility

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The Best Place to Hitch Your Mutual Funds

by Danielle Schultz, CFP, CDFA Aug 01, 2019 Don’t Give Your Investments a Home Where the Taxman Roams

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Measuring Mutual Fund Performance

by Danielle Schultz, CFP Aug 05, 2019 Investors periodically ask about their mutual fund performance, including how they're doing versus benchmarks as well as versus stocks and other holdings. But you also have portfolio management considerations, such as the portfolio diversification.

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What if Your Mutual Fund Shows You the Door?

by Danielle Schultz, CFP, CDFA Sep 15, 2020 Some Funds Merge, Others Close to Investors or Even Go Belly Up

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