As a nonprofit, we, the National Association of Investors, primarily teach individual investors and clubs how to invest in the stock market. This section covers general investing topics, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), stock market commentary, speculative stocks, and Wall Street.  You can further explore the topic of investing by visiting Getting Started With StockDividend Stocks and Mutual Funds &ETFs.    

An overview of Telsa, Inc. (TSLA) Stock

by Doron Levin Nov 25, 2020 Tesla’s rapid share-price increase has made it an extremely popular stock among BetterInvesting members – and one that doesn’t align with the organization’s investing principles.

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Wall Street’s Favorite Trick

by Sam Levine, CFA, CMT Nov 12, 2020 Is It Worthwhile to Buy Insurance Against a Market Downturn?

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New SEC Rule: Best Interest Standard for Advisers

by Russell Malley, Club Accounting Adviser, ICLUBcentral Nov 12, 2020 The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulations regarding broker-dealers and advisers concerning their relationship with clients. The SEC’s new regulations more clearly define the difference between a broker-dealer and an adviser, including who may include “adviser” in their title.

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