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Safehold (NYSE:SAFE) is the first publicly traded company that focuses on acquiring, owning, managing and capitalizing ground leases. Ground leases provide principal safety, attractive risk adjusted returns, and inflation protected income and the opportunity for significant capital appreciation. By building a portfolio of diversified ground leases in major metropolitan areas, we seek to become the industry leader in ground lease investments. Our investment manager and largest shareholder, iStar Inc. (NYSE: STAR), brings more than two decades and over $35 billion of real estate transaction expertise. With eight offices throughout the U.S. and nearly 200 professionals, iStar and its resources provide significant competitive advantages to Safety, Income & Growth.   

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How To Invest

 Stock Information
Ticker Symbol: SAFE
Listed on the following exchange: NYSE
Dividend: Yes
Dividend Reinvestment Plan: No
Direct Stock Purchase Plan: No
 Transfer Agent Information
1290 Avenue of the Americas
9th Floor
New York, NY, 10104
 Ways to purchase our stock
1.  Buy through Transfer Agent. 
2.  Buy through brokerage firm of your choice.

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Contact  Investor relations (IR)

IR Website
IR Contact Name: Mr. Ian Selig
IR Phone Number: (212) 930-9449
IR Email Address:
IR Contact Address:
1114 Avenue of the Americas
39th Floor
New York, New York, 10036 

Partner Facts

  1.  First and only publicly traded company focused on Ground Lease investments.
  2.  Ground Leases are one of the safest ways to invest in commercial real estate.
  3.  Ground Lease investments provide a secure and inflation protected growing income stream.
  4.  Significant opportunity for capital appreciation.
  5. Ability for the retail investor to buy into a portfolio of Ground Leases.
  6. SAFE’s custom tailored Ground Leases are a more efficient way for real estate owners and   developers to capitalize their projects.
  7.  Our Ground Leases are only in major metropolitan areas with high barriers for entry.
  8.  Our investment manager and largest shareholder, iStar Inc, brings nearly three decades and over $35 billion of real estate transaction expertise.


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