April 2024 Updates

BetterInvesting is pleased to announce an update to the Online Stock Tools Suite on the My Studies page.

This feature update includes:

  • Two New Columns in the Study List: These new columns, Price Date and Judgment Date, provide users with a quick and easy way to see how current a study is when viewed in the study list. With the Price Date column, you can view the date of the most recent price data used in the study, while the Judgment Date column shows the date any judgment entry in the Stock Selection Guide (SSG) study was last updated by the user. See the screenshot below.
  • Export Screening Results to a CSV File: If you use the Screening tool in CoreSSG or SSGPlus, you can now easily export your screening results as a CSV file for offline analysis. All you need to do is click the " Export as CSV" button in the gray screening results header. The app will create the CSV file and download it to your computer. Once downloaded, you can open the file with any compatible app, such as Excel, Sheets or Numbers. See the screenshot below.

My Studies Columns

Screening Results Export as CSV

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