November 2022 Updates

BetterInvesting is pleased to announce new features recently implemented in the CoreSSG™ and SSGPlus™.  These features are live for those who already have access (Tools subscribers, volunteers and Lifetime members). Happily, there is no software for you to update, install or register.

These feature updates included changes to the PDF report created from CoreSSG and SSGPlus

  • PDF printout now shows the additional data graph lines that are enabled (pictured) on the SSGPlus graph view. (See screenshot)
  • Added an option to print the Audit Report to a PDF. (See screenshot)
  • Added a Preference setting to show/hide Community Notes in the notes view. (See screenshot)
  • Added units to the Quarterly and Annual data popup. (See screenshot)
Additionally, the team updated the code architecture used for the CoreSSG and SSGPlus tools.

SSGPlus PDF Graph Update
ssgplus pdf graph update
SSGPlus PDF Audit Report Update

ssgplus audit report update

SSGPlus Community Notes Preference Update
ssgplus preference update
SSGPlus Data Units Update

ssgplus units update
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