June 2020 Update - Detailed Estimates

BetterInvesting staff respond to the number one user requested update for the SSGPlus tool and incorporate new data to aid users with sales and earnings forecasts.

The SSGPlus tool received a notable update in June when the Detailed Estimates feature was added. This feature brings more power to the SSGPlus by prepopulating a new 'Detailed Estimates' data panel with up to three years of Morningstar Analyst Consensus Estimate (ACE) data for sales and earnings per share. (Morningstar ACE estimates are not available for all companies.)

The Detailed Estimates data is saved with the SSG and is included in the study if the study is copied or shared online. The estimates can be shown or hidden on the graph by clicking on two new legend selections. When selected, the Detailed Estimates data is represented by green and blue shaded circles on the chart.

Editing Detailed Estimates

The Detailed Estimates panel allows the user to review the Morningstar ACE data and even replace it with the analyst estimate data source of their choice. Like the annual and quarterly data, the tool indicates any edits to the data with a 'U' and, by default, the edits are 'locked'. Locked data is not updated when the user refreshes the data. The panel also allows the user to select their data source from a drop-down list.

This upgrade was the top requested user feature, with 32 users voting and submitting 82 votes on the issue. We encourage all who want to suggest improvements to the online stock analysis tools do so at feedback.betterinvesting.org.

We introduced the Detailed Estimates feature during the Virtual BINC 2020 series in the webinar, ‘Supercharge your Analysis with SSGPlus.' Ann Cuneaz and Ken Kavula reviewed the new feature during the July 2020 Ticker Talk webinar. Access those recordings in our Video Learning Library, at www.betterinvesting.org/VLL and choose these sessions:

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