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Is Value Line Still Valuable? (David Lenig / Marcia Couey April 29, 2024)
Presentation Handout / Interactive Value Line Reference

Sometimes we believe we are already familiar with something and fail to fully realize its potential to help us.   In this session, David Lenig and Marcia Couey are going to revisit an old friend and make a new friend too.  

David will examine the Value Line one-page pdf report and help us become reacquainted with using it for screening as well as with information used for the Stock Selection Guide (SSG).  

Marcia will help us become friends with Value Line 2.0, the online Value Line website. We will improve our analysis and company/industry selection as we discover a tool that is hidden in plain sight.

"Retirement & The Tax Man" (Christi Powell - February 29, 2024)
Presentation Handout 2023 Important Numbers / 2024 Important Numbers
Nowhere does it tell us to give the taxman more than we must.  Depending on the source of the funds to pay living expenses in retirement, you may face very different tax rates. You want to have an organized plan that manages tax efficiently and also addresses income-related monthly adjustment amount (IRMAA).

You need a retirement tax strategy that will:
* identify the types of taxes faced at various stages
* address how taxes impact Social Security and Medicare
* and plan when to tap different accounts so you don't overpay taxes.

Join us as Christi Powell shows just how to do that!
"Tinker to Evers to Chance (aka Triple Play)" (Avi Horwitz and Mark Mechenbier - October 30, 2023)
Presentation Handout / Live Link List (Value Line Tool Guides and Library Access)
Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers and Frank Chance are most widely known because of the poem about them. Playing for the early 1900 Chicago Clubs they made the Baseball Hall of Fame as one of the best double play combinations in the history of baseball.  If a double play is great, how about a triple play?

George Nicholson threw us a curve ball and coached us on how to go for a triple play.  Join Mark Mechenbier and Avi Horwitz as we dig into his George Nicholson’s ideas about triple plays.  We will learn how triple plays can help our portfolio hit a home run.

"Don't Stay Tied Up At The Dock.  Let's Get Our Sea Legs! " (Fred Rhamy Jr. - August 30, 2023) Presentation Handout / Macroeconomic Indicators and Links / Creating a Dial Indicator

George Nicholson stated “. . . individual investors need to be educated about how the economy works”. Let that old sea dog Fred Rhamy, Jr. help you understand the economy and economic indicators that cause the tides to rise and fall and explore how each stage of the economy might affect a particular company’s growth.

Cast off from the dock and get your sea legs as he explains the terminology stock analysts use every day and teaches you how to do your own analysis. He is amped to show you how to anticipate rough seas ahead. After all, anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm!

"ROE, ROE, ROE to Float Your Boat Return on Equity (ROE)" (Ron Mauer - June 29, 2023)

Presentation Handout
When you are sailing along growing your portfolio, the last thing you want is to spring an unexpected leak because you didn’t check the condition of your boat. When you are investing, you want to make sure that there are no surprises when you ROE.

Join Ron Mauer as he paddles through Return on Equity (ROE) and looks at what contributes to Return on Equity and what potential pitfalls and hidden surprises you can spot.

"Preferred Procedure Simplified" (Avi Horwitz  - January 30, 2023)
Presentation Handout / Additional Handout

Preferred Procedure is exactly what it implies. It is the preferred method for determining future earnings per share growth. It uses a simplified Income Statement to project what earnings per share (EPS) will be in the future. 

 Many people struggle to understand Preferred Procedure. This session will touch on understanding what we look for when we use Preferred Procedure, how it relates to our Stock Selection Guide and how it ties back to the company’s Income Statement. We will explore each of the components of Preferred Procedure that help us with our judgment about future EPS growth. As one attendee said, “I have been doing this for 30 years and now I finally understand Preferred Procedure.”

Fall 2023  California Chapters Event – Recordings & Documents

Round 1: Using Online Tools to Make You a Better Investor - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 1: Using Online Tools  Recording
Round 1: Contact Information: Presenters + Sponsor
SSG Guidelines for Beginners
Features Comparison - CoreSSG v. SSGPlus
90-Day Free CoreSSG Digital Trial Membership

Round 2: VISA (V) Is it a Stock for You? - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 2: VISA (V) - Is It a Stock for You? - Recording
Round 2: VISA - Compare Judgments and Results
Round 2: Contact Information: Presenters +  Sponsor

Round 3: Value Line Research Tools Hiding in Plain Sight - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 3: Value Line Help
Round 3: Secrets to Finding Small and Medium Sized Stocks - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 3: Improve Your Returns Using Portfolio Management - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 3: Portfolio Management  Resources in BetterInvesting - 2 slides/ppt page
Round 3: Contact Information: Presenters + Sponsor
Round 3: Recording

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