AACUC Announces a Memorandum of Collaboration with BetterInvesting

SNELLVILLE, GA – Renée Sattiewhite, President & CEO of the African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) announced today a Memorandum of Collaboration with, BetterInvesting™, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit, investment education organization, whose mission is to educate individual investors and investment clubs to become successful lifelong investors. In a joint statement drafted with BetterInvesting CEO, Ken Zendel, the two leaders outlined, “We stand unified against racism, discrimination, and injustice.  Together we believe we can make a larger impact and difference in the world than apart.  We strive to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion.  This partnership will promote the empowerment of communities of color nationwide with the objective of helping to build financial knowledge, develop financial confidence, as well as plan and use investment products and strategies effectively, and thus closing the racial wealth gap.”

“BetterInvesting has been empowering everyday Americans of all races since 1951,” Zendel added.  Yet, we recognize there is more to be done, especially in the African-American and Hispanic communities.  Recently, the Associated Press (AP) reported, “Stocks Are Soaring, and Most Black People are Missing Out”, and BetterInvesting is committed to being part of the solution.  Far too many are missing out on the basic building blocks of wealth creation because of lack of knowledge, exposure and opportunity, especially regarding investment education.  Therefore, we are proud to join the AACUC in their Commitment to Change – Credit Unions Unite Against Racism Initiative. We look forward to this collaboration to work towards building wealth in minority communities, using our time-tested methodology as part of our unbiased, in-depth investment education."

Toward this end, AACUC is now offering a special promotional opportunity for its members to join BetterInvesting at a discounted rate through March 15, 2021.  This will enable AACUC members to join as Individual Plus members, receiving all of the benefits of Individual Plus membership (as shown at https://www.betterinvesting.org/store/membership/individual-investors/individual-investor-plus) at a discount of $25 off the regular one year membership fee.   


ABOUT AACUC:  Founded in 1999, a  501(c)(3)nonprofit organization, AACUC has grown and is ever changing to meet the needs of the dynamic credit union community which it serves. It has become an all-encompassing organization for individuals (professional and volunteers) in Credit Unions, Insurance, Regulators, Consultants and other entities in the credit union industry. Affiliation with AACUC offers a unique opportunity to influence and shape the credit union movement and its governmental affairs. AACUC promotes personal and professional growth of its members as well as collectively articulating concerns and advocating resources to improve economic development of surrounding communities that are often under-served by majority financial institutions.  In 2020, AACUC launched the Commitment to Change: Credit Unions United Against Racism initiative.

ABOUT BETTERINVESTING™: BetterInvesting, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit, investment education organization, has been empowering everyday Americans since 1951. BetterInvesting, also known as the National Association of Investors Corporation® (NAIC®), has helped more than 5 million people from all walks of life learn how to improve their financial future. The association was borne of the conviction that anyone can become a successful lifelong stock investor by following sound, practical investing principles.  BetterInvesting provides unbiased, in-depth investing education and powerful online stock analysis tools to create successful lifelong investors. BetterInvesting staff, along with a dedicated community of volunteers across America, teach the organization’s principles and time-tested methodology to individuals and investment clubs. 

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