BetterInvesting™ Magazine Update on TJX Companies and The Boeing Company

August 29, 2022 – The Editorial Advisory and Securities Review Committee of BetterInvesting Magazine today announced TJX Companies Inc. (NYSE: TJX) as its “Stock to Study” and The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) as its “Undervalued Stock” in the November 2022 issue for investors’ informational and educational use.

A recent survey reported the percent of millennials who were investors a year ago versus those in 2022 has dropped by 8 percentage points.  At the National Association of Investors, we encourage investors of all ages to stay the course, to invest regularly, and to take advantage of the power of compounding over the long haul.  The easy-to-follow BetterInvesting methodology has proven this to be the successful way to building wealth for over 70 years,” said Ken Zendel, CEO of the National Association of Investors (NAIC), the parent organization of BetterInvesting, a nonprofit, investment education organization.

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Check the November 2022 issue of BetterInvesting Magazine for more details about the latest stocks. Non-members can utilize the limited, trial version of the
BetterInvesting online stock selection and analysis tools to study the investment potential of TJX Companies and The Boeing Company by viewing their fundamental data and applying judgments.

Committee members are Robert M. Bilkie, Jr., CFA; Daniel J. Boyle, CFA; Marisa Bradbury, CFA; Philip Keating, CFA; Walter J. Kirchberger, CFA; and Anne Nichols, CFA.

As stated, the BetterInvesting committee’s Stock to Study and Undervalued Stock choices are for the informational and educational uses of investors. They are not to be considered as endorsed or recommended for purchase by NAIC / BetterInvesting. BetterInvesting urges investors to educate themselves about the stock market so they can make informed decisions about stock purchases.  Investors should conduct their own review and analysis of any company of interest using the Stock Selection Guide before making an investment decision.
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