BetterInvesting Magazine Discusses No-Fee Stock Trading

The January/February BetterInvesting Magazine issue’s feature story tells investors the hidden costs behind so-called commission free trades promoted by many leading discount brokerage firms. Investors need to recognize trading cost concessions as loss leaders intended to build assets that might go into more profitable products, according to BetterInvesting Magazine’s Contributing Editor Danielle Schultz, CFP, CDFA. She also cautions investors to expect significant cuts in service in exchange for lower fees. Is this a race to the bottom that’s destined to work out poorly? You decide.

Tools Help Main Street Investors Pick Stocks Like the Pros

The issue’s regular columns have new investing ideas, tools and techniques for individual investors of all backgrounds. Beginning investors will be relieved to learn why there’s still room for human insight in this data mining world, while more advanced readers will enjoy tips on how to spot where the so-called “smart money” is going.

Stock research ideas

The January/February issue studies Monster Beverage (MNST), Wells Fargo (WFC), Synaptics (SYNA), Signature Bank (SBNY) and looks at lithium supplier Sociedad Quimica y Minera S.A. (NYSE: SQM).

About BetterInvesting Magazine

BetterInvesting Magazine is the signature publication of BetterInvesting, a national nonprofit organization that has been empowering individual investors since 1951. Founded in Detroit, the association (formerly known as National Association of Investors Corporation) was borne of the conviction that anyone can become a successful long-term investor by following commonsense investing practices. BetterInvesting has helped more than 5 million people become better, more informed investors by providing webinars, in-person events, easy-to-use online tools for analyzing stocks, a monthly magazine and a community of volunteers and like-minded investors.

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