NAIC Board of Directors Seeks New Member

The National Association of Investors™ (NAIC®), doing business as BetterInvesting™, one of the oldest and most prestigious nonprofit organizations dedicated to investment education, invites the nominations of, and applications from, candidates to fill a vacancy on its nine-member Board of Directors.

BetterInvesting, supports investment clubs and numerous individual members in the U.S. through unbiased stock investing classes, the BetterInvesting Magazine and a suite of online tools designed for use by members to analyze and evaluate publicly-traded stocks.

The successful director candidate should possess significant experience in financial services, financial publishing, investor relations or personal finance, plus be an exceptionally strong communicator and influencer who knows how to partner with other influencers, companies and personalities that drive the personal finance world.

Among other attractive qualifications are:

(1) social media influencing and content production; (2) the ability to identify, relate and communicate with younger and relatively inexperienced investors; (3) competence in analyzing data to spot trends, opportunities and concerns of members/customers; and (4) experience recruiting and retaining members/customers.

The candidate should be prepared to advocate for the mission, investment principles and philosophy of BetterInvesting. Central to the mission is understanding how BetterInvesting relates to its members, its volunteers, the investment community, the media and regulatory agencies. The successful candidate's approach to investing should align with the organization’s, which principally rests on (1) regular investing, (2) reinvestment of earnings, (3) a focus on high-quality growth stocks, and (4) portfolio diversification.
Regular meetings of the Board typically take place four times a year, in addition to committee assignments and special meetings. Most years, two meetings are held virtually and two meeting meetings are conducted in-person at various U.S. locations, including the site of the organization’s national convention.

Interested parties may inquire at

About BetterInvesting®
BetterInvesting®, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit, investment education organization, has been empowering everyday Americans since 1951. Also known as the National Association of Investors™ (NAIC®), we have helped more than 5 million people from all walks of life learn how to improve their financial future. BetterInvesting provides unbiased, in-depth investing education and powerful online stock analysis tools to create successful lifelong investors. BetterInvesting staff, along with a dedicated community of volunteers across America, teach the organization’s principles and time-tested methodology to individuals and investment clubs. For more information about BetterInvesting, please visit

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