BetterInvesting™ Magazine Chooses CVS Health Corp. and Charles Schwab

The Editorial Advisory and Securities Review Committee of BetterInvesting Magazine today announced CVS Health Corp. (NYSE: CVS) as its “Stock to Study” and Charles Schwab Corp.  (NYSE: SCHW) its “Undervalued Stock” in the March 2021 issue for investors’ informational and educational use.

Interest and participation in the stock market among individual investors, accelerated by the pandemic, has reached unprecedented levels," said Doron P. Levin, editor of BetterInvesting magazine. "Never before have skill, knowledge and the time-tested principles for intelligently selecting equities yielded so much value for those who possess them.
Check BetterInvesting’s March 2021 issue for more details about these stock selections. Go to the trial version of BetterInvesting’s online tools to study the investment potential of CVS Health and Charles Schwab by viewing their fundamental data and applying judgments.
Committee members are Robert M. Bilkie, Jr., CFA; Daniel J. Boyle, CFA; Marisa Bradbury, CFA; Philip Keating, CFA; Philip S. Dano, CFA; and Walter J. Kirchberger, CFA.
As stated, the BetterInvesting committee’s Stock to Study and Undervalued Stock choices are for the informational and educational uses of investors and are not intended as investment recommendations. BetterInvesting urges investors to educate themselves about the stock market so they can make informed decisions about stock purchases.
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